FBFM – Terms of Service

Fresh Body Fit Mind is a subscription service. By signing up you agree to our Terms of Use, the terms of payment as stated in the checkout process and understand your account will automatically renew at a monthly interval, unless you cancel your subscription plan.

Your subscription plan may be canceled at any time. However, we do not refund or prorate unused portions of a subscription. This means when you cancel your subscription, no further payments will be taken from your account. You will still have access up until the date your next payment would have been processed, on this date your subscription will automatically become inactive and you will no longer have access.

You understand it is your responsibility to follow the correct procedure to cancel your subscription as outlined in the ‘help’, ‘support’ or ‘cancel your subscription’ section of the app or website. This includes, but is not limited to, circumstances such as deleting the app without properly cancelling your subscription plan.

Deleting the app won’t cancel your subscription plan and payments will continue to be processed unless you cancel your subscription plan. Payments processed during the period after you have deleted the app, but not properly canceled your subscription plan, are not eligible for a refund.

We can not cancel your subscription for you, unless there are genuine extenuating circumstances.

While a refund cannot be granted for monthly payments that have been processed, we try to be as understanding as possible, so there are exceptions. We investigate each case individually for confirmation, but here are examples where a refund would be granted:

You were accidentally charged twice in the same month
You accidentally set up two subscriptions to the fresh body fit mind platform.
We will charge your Payment Method for your monthly membership fee at the end of the free trial period and your membership will automatically renew monthly unless you cancel your membership prior to the end of the free trial period.