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Yoga Sculpt – Cardio Tone

LEVEL || Intermediate

Using the unique yoga/workout fusion style of training, get ready to challenge your fitness and strength with this fun no impact class. Work through alternating upper body and lower body yoga sequences that will get your blood pumping, boost your metabolism and get your sweat on.


  1. Maggie Adan

    Hi! Is there any way to connect the app to Apple’s Fitness app?

  2. Anthea Baczkowski

    loved this fast paced yoga flow – feeling powerful!

    • Amanda Bisk

      Thats so hreat to hear! 🥰 Glad this flow gave you energy! ⚡️♥️

  3. Claire

    Loved this class Amanda, the faster pace worked so well moving through the sequences. Will definitely save this to my favourites! x

    • Amanda Bisk

      Glad to hear you liked the fast pace! 🥰 Definitely add an extra challenge! 🔥 I’ll make a note to film more classes like this 🥰

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