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What’s coming in March?


  1. Sissie

    Yes so exicited about more new dumbell classes! Been waiting long

  2. Mackenzie Cane

    So excited about the express stretching classes- perfect motivation for good mobility habits! THANK YOU!

  3. Camille

    Thanks! Would love to see new “no impact” cardio workouts and barre

  4. Katja Parviainen

    Falling in love with this App again… These new stretching classes just what i need. Dumbbell classes so useful, building strength, upper body especially and whole body of course, being my goal, alongside mobility. Any chance of some kind of pull up progression plan in the future? Pilates one of my new favourites… Thank you Amanda!

  5. Ksenia

    Wow this sounds great! Thanks so much, Amanda! You’re the best ❤️

  6. Andreja

    Love everything the app already provides, but if I can throw in a few random ideas: workouts that mix high and low intensity exercises, maybe some basic athletics, workouts that focus on balance/coordination, and more mobility, weight training, stretching.. I love the mix!

  7. Ariane Bisson

    Super excited about what’s coming!! As for new suggestions, any quick classes that focuses on building strength for handstands and presses!!

  8. Nives

    I love everything on the app and most of all your teaching style. I love the dumbbell program. But if i can throw some ideas….I love yoga and pilates maybe you can combine both and create some yoga for strength with weights or pilates with weights and pilates ball🤩. Anyway you doing great🤗 Thank you🤸‍♂️

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