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New Year Check In 2023!


  1. Sophie Lempereur

    The App is amazing ! Looking forward to some no impact workouts as well as sole yogasculpt classes šŸ™‚ the new Dumbell program is also great šŸ„³ thank you so much Amanda! šŸ¤©

  2. Laura

    I love all the yoga classes! Iā€™m hoping to increase my flexibility this year because I have been neglecting it my whole life!

  3. Skye McNeill

    Love everything on the app! Iā€™d love a core builder for someone recovering from a low back injury. More evening unwinding yoga classes too, those are awesome. I love all the HIIT classes and really get results from them! Would also love some version of your old FBFM 12 week orogram wirh the two workouts per day. The recipes are awesome and delish!! Thanks for all the work you put into this for us!! šŸ’—

  4. Andreja

    I love the mix of different workouts on the app! If I could choose, Iā€™d love to see some workouts for runners (drills, agility exercises, balance, warm up before a run, cool down, stability, mobility).

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