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Finishing Strong with Muscle May & What’s Coming in June!

A quick check in for the end of Muscle May 2024 and find out what’s in store for June!


  1. varmstrong27@gmail.com

    For June, breathwork or yoga flows in paradise would be amazing. Enjoy your vacation!

    • Amanda Bisk

      Oooo that sounds great!! I will definitely try to film some breathwork AND I have a very exciting yoga series that will be filmed in Bali too! 😍

  2. Laura

    Some yoga surounded by plants in Bali sounds dreamy. Take of you and have fun as well. Thanks for all that you are doing in this app. ❤️

    • Amanda Bisk

      Thank you so much!! 🙏🏼 we are planning to spend our first week there filming and then the second week is a little bit more of some rest and recovery time 🥰❤️

  3. atodolir@gmail.com

    More advanced/challenge workout please 🙏

    • Amanda Bisk

      Oooo yes!!! 🙌🏼 would you prefer bodyweight or dumbbell focused ones?? 😀

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