4 Week Lean Legs & Booty Builder

LEVEL || Intermediate
FOCUS || Strength, Toning, Fitness, Fat Burn, Flexibility, Mobility

4 x Bodyweight Workouts
2 x YogaSculpt/Yoga Classes
1 x REST Day

Lean Legs & Booty Builder is a targeted lower body program designed to tone and sculpt your legs while also building strong functional glutes.

Using a wholistic training schedule, you will use 3 different training styles to help you get the best results:

1. Leg & booty specific workouts that not only target your quads, hamstrings and calves, but also teach you to correctly activate & strengthen your glutes.

2. YogaSculpt classes that build endurance in your lower body (without the impact of regular training) and teach controlled yoga flows that really get your legs working. To ensure the perfect balance of low impact training, you will also do targeted stretching & yoga classes that release tightness in your lower body and encourage better recovery for your upcoming workouts.

3. Cardio & fatburn workouts that target your whole body. This is your opportunity to boost your metabolism, improve your fitness, and encourage fat loss.