4 Week Awesome Abs

LEVEL || Intermediate
FOCUS || Fitness, Strength, Toning

4 x Bodyweight Workouts
2 x YogaSculpt/Yoga Classes
1 x REST Day

Awesome Abs is your perfect targeted program for a strong, functional & toned core.

This program is based on a wholistic training schedule that covers 3 key areas of efficient abdominal training:

1. AB specific workouts that fire up your superficial muscles, build definition & improve strength.

2. Deep core & stabilising yoga classes that teach deep core activation, body control & coordination. Building strong ‘core’ muscles around the spine & pelvis is an integral part of injury prevention and safe training (eg. lower back pain & weakness)

3. Cardio & fatburn workouts that boost your metabolism, improve your fitness, and encourage fat loss…important for ‘uncovering abs’