4 Week Awesome Abs

This is your go-to program for building a strong, functional, and toned core.

Each week includes 4 x workouts and 2 x yoga/YogaSculpt classes. This wholistic training schedule doesn’t just include 100’s of sit-ups, I have made sure Awesome Abs covers 3 important areas of correct abdominal training:

  1. Ab specific workouts that fire up your superficial muscles, build definition and improve strength.
  2. Deep core and core stabilising yoga classes that teach deep core activation, body control, and coordination. This helps improve support and stability around the lower spine and pelvis which is key to injury prevention and safe training.
  3. Cardio and fat burn workouts that boost your metabolism, improve your fitness and encourage fat loss. These classes also teach you to switch on your abdominals while doing other exercises that are not solely focused on the core.