10 Day Yoga Challenge

Can you flow through 10 days of yoga in a row? This exercise yoga challenge is the perfect way to start your yoga journey or reconnect with your yoga practise. Each day of this challenge brings a different focus to rejuvenate mind & body. Get Started

4 Week No Impact Sculpt & Tone

With a variety of workouts that aim to not only challenge your fitness but also improve strength, stability & deep core conditioning, find balance in your training without the jumping, jarring or high impact movements of other programs. Get Started

Get Your Handstand Series

This series is packed with all the fundamental techniques, tips, tricks and exercises you need to achieve a free standing handstand. Work through 4 classes that each feature a tutorial, workout and test exercise to keep you progressing at the right time with confidence and all the skills you need. Get Started

4 Week Bodyweight Burn

Based on my signature 20-minute workouts, Bodyweight Burn is your go-to equipment free fitness program. Each week features 3 x unique workouts, a challenge workout plus the option to include a session of your choice, making it a nicely balanced program to keep your body & mind guessing. Get Started

4 Week Signature FBFM

Whether you are looking to try your very first program or you just want to get back into a good workout routine, you're in the right place. With 4 x bodyweight workouts, plus 2 x YogaSculpt/Yoga classes each week, this is the best way to build the perfect balance of strength, fitness and flexibility. Get Started

4 Week Awesome Abs

Awesome Abs is your perfect targeted program for a strong, functional & toned core. This wholistic training schedule covers 3 key areas of efficient abdominal training; ab specific workouts, deep core yoga classes, and cardio/fatburn workouts. Get Started

4 Week Lean Legs & Booty Builder

Lean Legs & Booty Builder is a targeted lower body program designed to tone and sculpt your legs while also building strong functional glutes. Using a wholistic training schedule, you will use 3 different training styles to help you get the best results. Get Started

4 Week YogaSculpt

YogaSculpt is a different way to sweat! This 3 week series is the perfect low impact style of training that builds strength, improves flexibility and tones your whole body. Experience free flowing, fast paced classes that use yoga movements to create workouts that will have your muscles burning. Get Started