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Final Check In!

Hey Fam!

We’re almost there, it’s time to finish off strong. Would love to hear your answers to the questions in this video, let me know in the comments all bout your Athletic August 2023 experience!

Health & Happiness,

Amanda x


  1. Laura Elisabeth

    1. Dumbells! And yoga 2. W4D25 and the back strength/stretch class 3. Dead bug/core with dumbells 4. Push up row as well! 5. The longer, more intense classes and bench workouts as I don’t have a bench (happy to do a long class if its yoga!) 6. I’d love to see weights/yoga again (work x then stretch y!) and would also be keen for an Amanda curated gym weights workout as I never know what I’m doing, as well as some built in flexibility for your own workouts (eg I love to swim, climb, kayak and did that on the move days in your old program). This has been my fave challenge so far, thanks A!

    • anaelle.franchimont@gmail.com

      Fav challenge too!! 🙌🙌🙌

    • Laura Elisabeth

      Anaelle I wonder if it would have been our fave if we’d done it earlier in the month? I felt so good after that workout!

    • Amanda Bisk

      I actually was thinking yo incorporate some lifting programs into the app (using barbells and heavier weights)…I’ll work on it! ☺️ Thank you for sharing your answers, loved reading through them 🥰 Bring on Countdown to Christmas!! 🙌🏼❤️

    • Laura Elisabeth

      I’d love that! Yes bring on the next challenge! I decided I’m going to redo the dumbell classes in September and break it up with my own workouts a few times a week. 🙂

  2. Claire

    Athletic August has been my favourite challenge! I’ve enjoyed the progression over each week, excellent techniques and tips on training Amanda, thoroughly enjoy waking up and doing a class with you every morning. 1. Style: definitely weight training, also love body pump classes. 2. Fav class: W4D22! I like the Strength & Fitness and Coordination & Core dumbbell classes each week, with the intensity increasing each week throughout the challenge. 3. Fav exercise: dumbbell squats and lunges with the snap, side squats and core exercises. There were new and interesting exercises in this challenge, I enjoyed learning new exercises. 4. Least fav: Plyo push up, I just could not get these, I looked like I was trying to do the worm (badly!) and bench plank to L. 5. Hardest to commit: I prefer to do weights classes Monday-Friday, and yoga/Pilates on weekends, I like to do classes for recovery/rest on weekends. 6. More of: Would love to see a combo class of body pump using weights. A core section included more regularly in the dumbbell sessions would be great. I’d like to see a list of the exercises in the class info.

    • Laura Elisabeth

      I feel you on those plyo pushups! I gave up

    • Amanda Bisk

      I’ll be adding the exercise list to all classes for Athletic August AND Lean and Toned ☺️ I’m working on it now so should have them up soon in the weights area 🙌🏼 I agree with you on weights and workouts on weekdays and yoga/recovery on weekends 🙏🏼 I’ll make sure the schedule is more like thst for CtC 👌🏼 Thsnk you do much for an amazing month 🥰 I’m so happy you enjoyed it do much!! 😍♥️

  3. anaelle.franchimont@gmail.com

    🙌This quizz is such a great idea Amanda🙌 (I’m finalizing my TOP 5 #athleticdumbell #lovehate relationship LIST (as we agree remember? 😂) Will post it soon for FBFM fam ! 1) 🥇Fav style of training : 🏋️‍♀️DUMBELLS! Musclemay was a real discovery for me, it’s a big confirmation I love dumbells training now! Wow never thought I would be capable of!! Thanks for that! 2) 🥇fav class: I Think it was W3D19 – really loved all the Core&Coordination classes 🍫🍑Mix between glutes & abs! This one using the bench, and fun exercices like upward chop, bench plank hold to L, tucks… 3) 🥇fav exercice: Never I would say that one day but I think it would be DUMBELL BURPEE JUMP! (What’s wrong with me?) 🤯 I found a kind of stability & control with dumbells I didn’t have with simple burpees! (How weird I am?) 4) 🥵Hardest exercice: NO HESITATIONS: dumbell split squat. OMG so bad at it! 🙅‍♀️ 5) 😑Hardest class to commit to : It’s true Pilates class on mondays were more complicated to commit to. I don’t know if it is the monday effect or maybe because I always found pilates so hard! (Sometimes more than dumbells!!) ( swim moves 🙈) 6) 🛍️🎁 wish list for what comes next : Love your idea for skills! Each week would focus on a yoga hack / or Hand – head stand posture / or flexibily skill / strength skill ? Anyway, you always find the way for challenging us and we love it!! 4 Days left!!! 💪

    • Laura Elisabeth

      That’s true the dragonfly class was a fun one to have in there, a yoga class with a peak pose would be rad

    • Amanda Bisk

      Oooo I like the idea of a yoga havk/skill each week! 🤔 that gets me thinking! Loved reading your answers 🥰 Thank you so much for sharing this challenge with me & the fam! ♥️

  4. anaelle.franchimont@gmail.com

    Agree with Plyo push up 🤪🤪 sooo hard!!!

    • anaelle.franchimont@gmail.com

      To Claire!!!

  5. Olivia Ruckstuhl

    I love the plyo workouts and the dragonfly class!

    • Amanda Bisk

      Love all the explosive stuff too! I always feel so energised after! ✨🙌🏼

  6. Joana Kalfa

    Hello amanda thanks again for that new workout 1: DB style i have only committed to this one and not the alternative and loved the change 2: db classes and a mix of thrm not one in particular but the explosive plyo snatch one were really fun 3: liked the one where you jump from one end to another of the mat and all the ex with step up on bench with db some were challe ging in balance which was fun all thr snatching coordination ex 4: plyo push up were too hard for me felt awkward 5: pilates honestly not a huge fan of a whole class on pilates so i usually did something else and since i started the challenge on a monday that class was a sunday so i swam ir walked or did a fun sport instead to change 6: would love to add some ex with the fitness ball and mini band now combined with thr db more ex that works the back and arms as well i felt we were working more the legs overall would love more tricep and back for me it is my weakest point so trying to work on that would also like to see some more jumping ex or animalistic ones like bear walks maybe in the warm up section also maybe next time go quicker into the ex you took time to explain well which was really nice and important when it is new and thank you for that form is so important to stay safe but by the 4th week i was speeding up a bit to get to the ex itself now here is an idea if at all possible – i have been loyal to you since your first pdf and thanks again for staying true to yourself and always providing us with quality content – how about a 12 weeks challenge to start january fit empowered and renewed to really see a transformatio m yhat s the time needed and at the end of that challenge i wanted more so maybe a 12 week chalenge hahah from now to dec 31st to start jan explosive and transformed with a mix of DB and some of your mkre classic workouts maybe integrate some martial art moves …woukd keep ine day yoga class to restore and one class to have fun on a skill and finally i loved the EMOM at the end i was targeting the advanced and ended up barely doing the intermediate so defenitely something to look for so could integrate a workout challenge every 4 weeks to check our level thanks for reading sorry i know it was a bit long hope this will help cheers

  7. Nives

    Hello Amada, I love all your workouts… but I have to admit that the DB is awsome….

  8. Nives

    Answers: 1. I simply love the DB. Workouts as I see grat results on my body😜🤸‍♂️…2. I don’ t have a favorite class, I love all of them especially the week 4 clasess as they were quite challenging….,3.. I love glute exercises, so: I love the RDL knee dive and arm overhead extension….4.. I really don’t like burpies🤣….5.. the long clasess of 50 min ….

  9. Nives

    😅forgot the last answer😂…. 6. I really like DB, but also learnig new Skills, trx training, fascia conditiong

  10. Nives

    I have one more request 😁… can you pot Muscle May and Athlethic August, workouts wit DB under your DB programs on the app … as 2 new programs… as they are great workouts to do more than once😁🤗🤸‍♂️💪🏻

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