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2nd May || Legs, Hips & Side Mobility


This class is the key to relieving tension in your body and laying down the foundations to achieve better movement patterns that are fluid and pain free. Work through gentile sequences that help to lubricate stiff hips, lengthen tight muscles in the legs, and relieve pressure in the lower back. This mobility work will not only help to improve your flexibility but also your ability to move in a wider range of motion with strength & control. The more often you practise this class, the better you will feel!


  1. Anthea Baczkowski

    That was awesome! Such a fun way to move the body. I loved it!

    • Amanda Bisk

      Yayyyyy!! That makes me smile 😄

  2. Rachel

    Wow! I am already in love. I loved this class, made me feel like a kid again. Thank you always for all the hard work you and Adam do!

    • Amanda Bisk

      Awwww this makes me so happy!! 😍 I’m so glad it was something different for you! 🙌🏼

  3. Olga

    Love this ❤️ great exercises!

    • Amanda Bisk

      Eeeep yay!! 🙌🏼 thank you! I think mobility classes are my new favourite! 😍

  4. June Phillips

    Loved this class too! Perfect for my sore muscles after yesterday’s class! Will definitely mark it to do more often

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