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25th May || Back Mobility for Better Posture, Breathing & Pain Relief

LEVEL || All Abilities

This class will make you feel so goooooood! With a strong focus on mobilising the spine, especially in ‘energising’ extension, you will unlock more range of movement in your upper body that will allow you to find a better posture, take deeper breaths, and also release built up tension. This is the perfect class if you are suffering from back pain, shoulder/neck pain, or are feeling low on energy. Get ready to feel brand new!

EQUIPMENT || Chair, Towel, 2 Light Hand Weights (or 2 tins of beans)


  1. Jo Ernst

    I’m too injured to do yr weights classes but this mobility work is just what i need atm. Massive thankyou. Appreciate how your always making sure our technique is correct.

    • Amanda Bisk

      Oh no! I hope ypu recover soon 🙏🏼 I’m glad ypu are able to do these classes 🥰 so much goodness 🙌🏼✨

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